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Danielle is originally from Scotland. Her passion for dancing began when she was just three years of age, and from there on forth her love for the art has continued to grow. Merely a year later, her journey led her onto ballet, modern and street dancing. As she began to progress throughout the years, she was inspired to dance professionally.


At the age of 16, Danielle improved her knowledge and skillset by attending the Deborah Capon Dance College in London for three and a half years (now known as Dance College Whitstable). Her studies enabled her to gain a "Dance Diploma in Education" (DDE) in ballet, tap and modern. She was taught by some of the ISTD's top teachers, who helped her to achieve "Advanced 2" in the aforementioned dancing styles. 

Since graduating, she has taught dance to pupils of all ages, spanning from 3 to 80 olds - this experience has allowed her to encourage students, boosting their confidence, whilst at the same time fine tuning their technique, and most importantly, enrich their love for dancing as a whole. In addition to this, she has performed at a variety of venues, which include dancing on the "Marella" cruise ship and partaking in a "Michael Buble" tribute act.


Danielle also enjoys modelling in her spare time, and has been involved in many commercial shoots. 




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