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Our Acting classes cover variety of dramatic techniques and disciplines including: improvisation, scripted texts, mime, character development, studying practitioners, play writes and performances.

Our younger age groups will start their Drama journey by learning through play. Our trained tutors will guide them through a series of confidence building techniques and drama games to introduce them to the world of stage acting, public speaking and physical theatre.

As students progress into our older sessions the focus will begin to shift toward scripted work and learning how to develop a character within a scene. They will learn to devise, develop and direct their own work under the guidance of our highly experienced team. They will also be given lots of opportunities to showcase their skills in a variety of performances, showcases and events throughout the year.

Many of our young students have had great success in gaining professional work on TV and Film productions, as well as West End Musicals and Plays. With a large number of our "Professional Students" gaining places at full-time performing arts colleges.



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